EBI Neutrino 7

Download the latest 7 release with awsome features, Open Source and Platform Independent!

Select the right package for your operating system, extract it and start working, No installation are needed!

Awesome features

EBI Neutrino is a fast and Open Source since 2004 tool for managing CRM and ERP business dataflow, usable as single client application and also in a multiuser environment.
Customer Relation

Detailed CRM workflow based on your customer behaviour

Sales Workflow

Sales and Aftersales workflow , Opportunity, Offer, Order, Invoicing.

Resource Planning

Warehouse Management, Products, Services, Tasks, Reports, Project Management, Campaign.

More features

Scalable and adaptable on demand!

EBI Neutrino is scalable and fully customizable also adaptable on your business workflow requirement.

For our Enterprise customers we offer:

Multi-tier Architecture Application Server
Web based UI
ECommerce solution


Interested in customization?

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