The customer accepts the storage of the data entered using the graphical interface and also "personal data" or other so-called "log's" information up to the time of / termination of the contract.

The service provider at the request of the customer at any time guarantees to provide information on the stored data "private data". The service provider guarantees not to use "private data" for advertising purposes available to third parties. + This measure cannot be guaranteed or applied, if the service provider is legally obliged by third parties, such as public bodies or by particular circumstances.

The service provider expressly emphasizes: That the protection of data transmitted in open "Internet" networks with the current state of available technologies cannot be guaranteed 100%. Other internet participants can technically intervene, and be able to listen or monitor the traffic caused by the customer. For the security of the software used on the Internet, the customer is responsible for his own traffic, making sure to update the Browser and Firewall.