Cookies and similar technologies are used in the functions and services of the platform. We offer functionality, with the use of these technologies we have the opportunity to store user activities within our services. Here you will find the latest information on these technologies and their use. Also, using your browser or mobile device, you may be able to make settings against these technologies.

For more information on availability and the settings in this regard, refer to reading the documentation of the device of the browser used. In addition, in some circumstances it may occur that the system may not be able to detect the browser or respond correctly to the device connected to, which may happen that some settings interested in the use of functions that we offer cannot be performed correctly.

Cookies are binary objects that are used on websites or used in applications and saved on your browser or device to store information that makes it possible to use our platform correctly. It collects information such as the IP address of the device, the date, the identifier and the type of browser currently connected to This local memory called Cookie is a standard used in the IT sector, often used by websites / app stores to retrieve data. from the computer, mobile phone or other devices to reset user-set decisions. This includes the use of Javascript / HTML5.